Payroll Software Demo

Payroll Software Demo

Payroll software makes the work hassle-free and in turn manages the payroll professionally. The management of employees’ information and routines on the daily basis become briskly convenient at the HR’s end with the incorporation of this application. The software is quite convenient to use. You can access contact information, personal information, salary data, attendance, investment details, salary certificates and much more. This amalgamation of human resource management and Information technology gives the employer a competitive edge as the reduction in the chances of errors increases the productivity.

Sagar Informatics Payroll Software is divided into two parts:

(1) Desktop Payroll Software
(2) Online Payroll Software

Desktop Payroll Prominent Features:

The organization uses this software to generate pay slips and payroll register, based on the daily attendance of employees, overtime calculation, allowances, loans, advance, bonus and other standard deductions like P.T., Income Tax, provident funds, E.S.I.C., and LWF.

Provides Security of data & provides flexible salary structure provision which makes the software easy to adapt to any kind of salary structure.

Online Payroll Prominent Features:-

(A) Our online payroll is basically a reporting tool of a desktop payroll. It is linked with our desktop payroll from where you, your employee and HR can login and check our information for example salary, monthly attendance etc.
(B) It also provides you the facility by which your employee can easily apply for the leave as well as for his/her reimbursement bill/investment details.
They can download their pay slips, form 16 etc. as well.
(C) Easy Implementation: Rapid, but safe and effective implementation process.
(D)Incredible short learning curve: The perfect balance between incredible functionality and ease of use.
(E)Computation Definitions: It gives you the power to create user-defined formulas to calculate complex earnings or deductions. Thus eliminates customization.
(F)Fully Parametric: Whether you are in manufacturing or in software business, you can define the rules applicable for your company.
(G)Intelligent Upgrades: Upgrade patch detects the version you are having and makes necessary changes in your database.
(H)Low Maintenance Cost: Free periodical upgrades and unlimited hotline support is available at a negligible cost.

Author Bio:-

Sagar Informatics transforming your company and feel the immediate benefits by getting Payroll management software implemented. Payroll Software has many pros as compared to the cons and it is worth your consideration and it will improve customer communication and optimize your HR Payroll Software services. If you have any further questions regarding setup our Payroll System software, Contact Sagar Informatics or mail us on