Buy Courier Management System

Buy Courier Management System

Sagar Informatics Pvt. Ltd.’s Courier Management System is the simplest solution for Courier Tracking Business. If you need to enable Tracking Option in your existing or new website, this is the best courier management Software Solution Company, based in New Delhi. Courier Management System is an application program that is used to help handle all transactions for the delivery business.

We have developed software that manages packet distribution to Courier Company and supports terrific reporting, billing and control over Courier Company and thus provides clear report to management at all levels about how the courier company is performing its assigned job.

Advantages of Sagar Informatics Courier Management Given below:

• Prior to shipment transactions visitors can check the cost of shipping goods by weight or volume of goods.
• Visitors can choose whether to send goods using land, sea or air.
• Visitors can find out the cost of packing for mails.
• Visitors can select existing shipping rates.
• The calculation of the weight of goods automatically if the weight is greater than the volume (length x width x height) then automatically calculated by weight, but when the count volume greater than the weight that is calculated as volume weight.
• The formula for calculating the volume, calculate the cost of packing goods.
• Multi-user, administrator and operator.
• Report of transactions based on date range.
• Auto complete form for delivery of regional origin and destination delivery area.
• Setting the cost of taxes, insurance and packing costs.
• Use easy.
• Responsive Template.
• Provides remarkable tool for reporting.
• Printing of all invoices.
• Updating the delivery status for the packets.

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