The Role of Internet in the Music Industry

The Role of Internet in the Music Industry

We fill our time by surfing the web, accessing bits and pieces of information as fodder for conversation, research for work, or just out of interest in general knowledge and trivia. It seems that a big focus of the modern age is collecting all the necessary bits and pieces of life that we hope will make us happy, possessions, friends, a high number of Twitter followers, and the highest-spec version of the newest smart phone. Despite the mentality that the acquisition of more desirable items will bring us greater happiness being widely adopted in modern society, we never seem to be satisfied.

Studies have also shown that the average attention span is dropping dramatically. This does not paint a particularly pretty picture of the state of the modern world, but in reality, this is what is being seen increasingly frequently, all over the world. The advent of the internet has changed the way we interact with the world around us, and subsequently, with the people in it. This has also led to a shift in our approach towards an interest in the performing arts. As a generalized society, we are starving for the new, desperate for the next innovation or advancement. The rate at which we have seen the world change in the past twenty years has been so unexpectedly exponential that people have become addicted to the mantra of progress: “Better, Newer, and Faster.” Instant gratification has become the status quo, along with disposability and rapid falls into obsolescence.

In terms of music, the current state of the world can cause a number of problems. The desire for people to access music on the internet has given rise to major crises concerning publication rights and copyright infringement laws, as well as issues relating to compensation for the artists and the general decline of the album sales industry. The internet has quickly taken over the role of distributor and message board for the music industry throughout the world, so it was only ever going to be a matter of time before computers became a common method of creating music, as well.

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