What You Should Know About The Interview Process?

What You Should Know About The Interview Process?

Make the candidate comfortable. Try to find out the skills, knowledge, experience and competencies of the candidate with respect to the job in question. The questions should try to find out the suitability of the candidate for the Job Description. Along with that, we should try to find out her attitude, motivation, drives and likings. Also we must try to find out her suitability to work in a team, her emotional maturity and stability. If the job involves supervising or managing others, we must check her leadership competencies as well. Ask her about her strengths and weaknesses. We should find out her family information (i.e. who is there in the family, their occupation etc.) to find out her background, family responsibilities and support structure.

In addition to the job specific questions, following are some general questions which may be used as per the situation:
a) Tell something about your career so far.
b) Describe your achievements in your various job assignments.
c) What challenges you in a job?
d) What puts you off in a job?
e) What is the reason to leave the current job?
f) What was the reason for joining it when you joined it?
g) How do you explain so many job changes in quick succession? (This applies if the person has changed too many jobs in the past.)
h) Which new skills or competencies have you added beyond your academic qualification and how?
i) How do you handle difficult situations or people?
j) How soon can you join?

Conducting Tests

For screening the candidates, only interviews are not sufficient sometimes. Taking personal interviews takes a lot of time. If the number of candidates is big, the preliminary screening can be done by some tests. For many functions where the actual skills or attitude of the candidate have to match our minimum requirement, tests are required for checking the candidates’ suitability. Generally, two types of tests are used:

1) Personality assessment tests
2) Job skills tests

Personality assessment (like psychometric) tests are undertaken to assess the skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits and behavioral preferences of the candidates. Such tests can be conducted at our premises, at some professional test centers or online also. There are some web sites which offer such tests. We can use this facility and guide the candidate to take the online test before coming for an interview. Based on the result of such tests, we can screen the candidates and prepare a shortlist for the interviews. Ideally, job skills tests should be conducted at our premises. The tests can happen before or after the interview, based on our evaluation process. If the tests result is the basis of the interview, it should be held first.

For a job skills test, a test paper or assignment must be prepared and kept ready with the help of the department for which we are trying to select people. Some examples of job skill tests:

a) Whether an accounts person possesses sufficient level of expertise in accounting or its software.

b) If the job is for something technical, like software, appropriate tests are a must to ensure the necessary skill level.
c) If the job involves using some machine or equipment, a test is designed to check their skill level in operating that.
Handwriting analysis is also used by many companies for understanding their personality types and attitude. Learn more about organizing and conducting job interviews or tests and the entire interview process only at LSBF.