What Keeps Employees Happy?

What Keeps Employees Happy?

Some of the important things in a company that keeps employees happy include:

Infrastructure: For a start-up, this is one of the most difficult areas to be good in. Infrastructure costs money and generally comes with longer commitments. However, it depends a lot on your bank balance and cash flows.

Fun at work: Fun at work is important not only because everybody likes to have fun, but because it ensures that your workplace is not boring and dull. It also gives employees a chance to know each other and if any of them has some talent, then give him a chance to showcase it.

Friendly culture: Another point which contributes to employee happiness is a friendly culture. Many people make good friends at work. It helps them share their issues and working with each other becomes fun. It keeps the working atmosphere light and employees look forward to meeting each other in the workplace.

Sense of ownership: Having a sense of ownership is always motivating and encouraging. In a start-up, if an employee gets a sense of ownership of the company, it can work wonders. Employees can be made to feel that in many small ways, such as by discussing important initiatives with them; asking for their opinion; congratulating them on company achievements and not merely individual; sharing company numbers, like revenue, cost and P& L; showing appreciation if their ideas and suggestions get implemented.

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