Enjoy the Outstanding Performance of THE-DIRE-STRAITS-EXPERIENCE at Hippodrome

Enjoy the Outstanding Performance of THE-DIRE-STRAITS-EXPERIENCE at Hippodrome

Dire Straits was a British rock band formed in the year 1977 by Mark Knopfler, John Illsley, David Knopfler and Pick Withers. This band was influenced by an assortment of music including jazz, folk and blues, and came closest to beat music within the context of rock and roll. During the next two decades, other members joined the band, including Alan Clark, Hal Lindes, Terry Williams, Guy Fletcher and Jack Sonni. Further, 9 additional musicians joined the band in the beginning of 1982, some of whom also appeared on Dire Straits albums.

A large number of compositions by Dire Straits were melancholic. The first album of Dire Straits to sell a million copies on CD was “Brothers in Arms”. They become one of the world’s most commercially successful bands, with worldwide records sales going over 100 million. In the year 1980, they were selected for 2 Grammy Awards for the “Best New Artist” and “Best Rock Vocal Performance” by a Duo or Group of “Sultans of Swing”.

However, Dire Straits got disbanded in the year 1995. Even though the most renowned rock band “Dire Straits” disbanded back then, a longtime member and a variety of highly professional musicians have found a way to direct every bit of spirit from the band’s creative back catalogue into a breathtaking show, called “The Dire Straits Experience”. Presently, this band performs at various well-known venues throughout the Europe.

One of the most entertaining venues at the West End of London, The Hippodrome Casino, gives its visitors the golden chance to witness such rocking performances by some of the finest professional musicians from the original group of this band.