Cloud Based Courier Management Software

Cloud Based Courier Management Software

Integrated cloud courier software saves you time, money and effort. It also ensures that you can provide a better level of service to your customers thanks to instant access to tracking data and the removal of keying errors.

As a leading provider of Cloud Courier Software to eCommerce companies, Sagar Informatics tracking provides access to more than 100 countries, comprising more than 4600 delivery services.

Our integration with Sagar Informatics means that you can produce shipping labels at the click of a button during your dispatch process without having to worry about re-keying address, contact and order data.

Sagar Informatics’s solution also ensures that, when you are in a position to work with a range of carriers, you don’t pay a penny more than you need to for delivery. Working off rule sets and criteria that you define, Sagar Informatics will choose the most cost-effective delivery option that meets the guarantee you have given your customer.

Making the Dispatch Process Work for You

As your business grows, so will the number of parcels you’re dispatching per day. Organizing couriers, re-keying order data and tracking references all waste valuable time and increase the risk of introducing errors.

Solve these headaches by integrating with the courier(s) that is right for you. Integrations allow for data to be passed automatically to the courier(s) that you’re working with. No more re-keying errors. No more time spent cutting and pasting tracking numbers.

The benefits are not only limited to you and your colleagues either. You can further benefit from courier integration by providing your customers with instant access to tracking and courier data. Along with providing an improved level of service you will also benefit from fewer calls, emails and chat sessions chasing up orders.

Shipping your goods accurately and efficiently with as little manual intervention as possible is a key element in your customers’ journey with you and will encourage them to return to you, time and again.

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