All about the Business of Trusting the People

All about the Business of Trusting the People

In order to get people to produce their best work, they must feel that you trust them. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you go about the business of trusting the people who work for you:

  1. Distinguish between trust in people’s characters and trust in their abilities.
  2. Let people know that trust must be earned.
  3. Lay the foundation for trusting relationships by believing that people are basically good, that they genuinely want to do a good job.
  4. Remember that feelings and actions speak louder than words when you try to convey trust to other people.
  5. Demonstrate trust by delegating important tasks and corresponding authority.

  6. Give people freedom – don’t hover over them.
  7. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Allow people to interface with higher-ups.

  9. When trust is violated, determine whether it was an innocent mistake or a mistake due to wrong motives, and then take the appropriate action.

When you trust other people you help them believe in themselves more. When people believe in themselves they have the power to reach their potential. When people feel trusted they usually repay trust with high performance.

The more motivated and productive people are, the more power the manager has to achieve his own objectives. Learn more about trusting the people who works for you only at the University Canada West, one of the best universities in Canada, offering various business and management related programs.